Monday, August 20, 2007

Me & Dags

Me & Dags

Just trying out blogging with my mobile phone. It takes about 15 minutes or more for the blog to be posted. I'm sending this via MMS through Globe, and I'm using my trusty Nokia 6680, which I've had for over two years now. I was one of the first to get this phone, and there were more than a few snickers from the techie elite, because the primary feature of this phone was the dual cam for video calling. At the time I got the phone, 3G was just a distant dream in the mobile aficionados head. It seems like I had good foresight, because 3G became a reality a few months after I got this phone. I have no plans of replacing this phone. Despite the crappy camera, crappy loudspeakers, and slowness, I love this phone. I don't think I'll find another phone that I'm as comfortable with as my 6680.

Well, maybe an N70, which is basically an upgraded 6680. There's not much of an upgrade, except for the camera, which is upped from 1.3 megapixels to 2 MP. I'd really like to get a Sony Walkman or Cybershot phone, because they sound great and take great pics, but I'm afraid I might not enjoy the phone because of the interface. I had a bad experience with the T610.

Fender Squier

This is my month-old Fender Squier!Ü

Sunday, August 19, 2007

For The Nth Time...

Here we go again...

I've started and abandoned more blogs than I care to count. Hopefully, I'll keep this one. Actually, scratch that. I'll make it my birthday resolution to keep this blog.

I'm now using Globelines Broadband, which totally sucks. The connection is so slow, plus I have to reset the modem a couple of times a day to regain the connection. I used to have Smart Wifi, I was one of the first brave souls to try it. Smart used to be very fast in the beginning, but something happened when they became Smart Bro.
Wish me luck. I really hope I can maintain this blog. I don't even know what I'll write here, but I'm open to suggestions :-)