Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I Love Team Manila!

Just visited the Team Manila website... haaaaay... I've wanted one since beginning of last year.

Too bad I didn't have money when they had a moving out sale last year. They're currently located at Jupiter Ave. My sister knows someone from Team Manila and she was bugging me to go to their Ecoville Office 'coz the prices were so low it was almost like they were giving it away.

It's too bad that the shirts are so expensive... 500 bucks a pop. Happy Days shirts sell for half that!

Visit the Team Manila website, here are my favorites:
  1. Urban Rail System
  2. Manila Style
  3. Ate Ging Shirt
  4. Soul Manila
  5. Familia Numero Uno
  6. Pier Electronica
  7. Jack & Poy Olympics
  8. Turo Turo Araw Araw
  9. Rocking The Third World
  10. Tandang Sora
  11. Soma
  12. Dirty Ice Cream


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Calantha said...

You write very well.