Friday, October 4, 2013

Pork Barbecue

Let's stick it to the man!

The pork barrel scam has indeed caused national outrage. However, is a public outcry all we can do as citizens? I would call the million man march a lukewarm success, much like Occupy Wall Street. It showed the government how much we were disgusted by their obscene theft of our money, and that Filipinos can be united towards a single goal, but it did little to resolve the issue. It also got me to thinking: what if we worked towards a more "productive" output? Why don't we boycott paying taxes until the perpetrators are punished?

Let's not stop until we get to the bottom of the barrel. I've noticed that Filipinos have short attention spans, so we must not let up until the issue is resolved. Remember the feelings we felt when the news about the Maguindanao Massacre broke? Today, the event is all but forgotten, buried under all the "more sensational" news items. There was a chance for swift justice, since the suspects were almost caught red-handed, but everyone failed to capitalize on it. It is an injustice to the victims, and to all Filipinos. Now, we have a chance to strike while the iron is still hot. Let's not let the PDAF scam get buried under all these alleged diversionary tactics such as the Zamboanga situation and new plunder charges against GMA.

For the plan to work, we must all work together and convince corporations, businesses, and other establishments to stop remitting our tax contributions. Convince your bosses, convince Mang Pogs at the sari-sari store, convince everyone to temporarily cease paying taxes. If mighty America can survive a government shutdown, I am sure that we can too.


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