Friday, December 16, 2016

Lazada 12.12 Online Revolution Scam

Here is my recent experience with Lazada.

They recently had a 12.12 online revolution sale. We bought a TV during the sale using our bank card. We also purchased a few other items along with the TV. Now, we received the other items within the delivery date specified. The TV was all that's left to be delivered, so we called a couple of times to follow up. The phone agents said that it will be delivered on or before the 17th. Last night, the 15th, we received a text stating that our order was cancelled. We did not cancel our order.

I went on Lazada's live chat and chatted with Shy. She was rude and unhelpful and disconnected me in the middle of the conversation. However, before she disconnected me, she stated that the delivery failed so Lazada refunded our payment. How could the delivery fail if we received all other items? Lazada's standard procedure is to send a text message before delivering the item, and we did receive the text messages, but the TV was not part of the items that they delivered.

Now, what I think is that Lazada purposely refunded our money. They probably priced the TV too low and would have taken a loss. The TV is still available, but we can't repurchase it because it's back to its original price.

I'm going to report Lazada to DTI and post this on social media.

Below is my email to their customer support:

I would like to report your live chat agent, Shy. She was rude and no help at all. She disconnected the chat suddenly, even if the issue was not resolved. Here is a screenshot:

My issue is regarding order number 367957389. We received a text message that the TV in that order number was cancelled and refunded. However, we did not cancel the order. The chat agent stated that it was due to a failed delivery, but we were there to receive all the other items in that order number.

Now, I think this is a scam on Lazada's part. You priced the TV too low for your 12.12 sale. Now our money is in limbo while we wait for it to be refunded to our bank account, which will take weeks based on previous experience. We can't reorder the TV now because it's back to its original price. Please reprocess our order or else we will report you to the DTI and post on social media.

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