Friday, October 19, 2007

Glorietta 2 Bombing

Here's a video that I took while on the way out of Glorietta 4. Please be patient while it loads. There's not much to see, but hearing the screams still brings chills to my spine.

I was walking near Jollibee Glorietta 4 when it happened. My back was turned to Glorietta 2, when I saw the window glass of Jollibee ripple and felt a shockwave pass through my chest. I thought one of the streamers in the Activity Center fell down or something, so I turned around. It was so surreal. I surveyed the Activity Center and everything was okay. People were walking around as if nothing happened... and then panic ensued. It was like I was in a movie set and the director suddenly yelled 'Action!'. A cloud of smoke seeped from Glorietta 2. People running away from the scene. Screaming. I knew something bad happened but my survival instinct wouldn't kick in. I knew I had to go out of the mall, but curiosity got the better of me. I was even actually contemplating about moving towards Glorietta 2 for a closer look. Better judgement kicked in, so I walked back towards the Glorietta 4 exit.

I couldn't resist not knowing what happened, so I walked outside Glorietta 4 towards Glorietta 2. They already cordoned off the road between Glorietta and Landmark, and I saw that EMT guys were trying to revive a man in a tattered gray shirt. I had to go around Landmark to get to Glorietta 2, and when I got there I knew that a bomb exploded. They were saying it was an LPG explosion, but it was too strong. Plus, the blast happened in the lobby of Glorietta 2 and there were no restaurants nearby.

The scary part is that I was at the blast site 10 minutes before the explosion. I came from Netopia in Park Square 1 where I printed something from my email.


Anonymous said...

the pumpkin looks creepy..thank God you survived this.

Anonymous said...

Someone owe to investigate if Ayala is negligent in their operation. They built the sewer treatment plant or sewer pumping station in a confined space. This is not only courting danger as sewer fumes can cause explosion. Try researching the internet and you will see report of such type of explosion. People should have the mall closed and check it carefully. Profit is all what Ayala is looking at.

AntiBeast said...

Conspiracy theories aside, trapped methane does cause explosions. However, the intensity of the blast meant that there was an awful lot of methane leaking from the septic tank. And to make matters worse, some fool placed the diesel tanks near that place. Somebody ought to have smelled the combustible gases oozing from the underground storage area which had been building up for weeks!

Strange thing is, I was in Makati that day attending a meeting with an attorney, just dropping by after a business trip from San Francisco to Singapore. My lawyer was late saying that an explosion had rocked Makati. I flew out of the country a few days later. Heaven knows what will happen next.