Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Lizards' Convention

Wahaha! I can't believe it! At 25, I wrote my first fan mail!

Check it out!

Does anyone else remember The Lizards' Convention? Remember that Elvis Presley cover, "Wooden Heart"? I'm sure you remember the song, if not the band. It was all over the airwaves towards the end of 1995, if I remember correctly. I was in my "metal" phase back then (note: Filipino pronunciation please! As in "hip-hop versus metal" or "Punks Not Dead"), so my cassette of The Lizards' Convention's album was a guilty pleasure.

Anyway, I'm not in a mood to write, so pardon the composition.

Back to the story: Even after more than 10 years, I still have not forgotten how much I enjoyed the album. I always sing and play on the guitar the first verse of II-I, my favorite song on that album. (I just pluck the 1st three strings of the D chord and then move it up two frets).

I've always wondered what happened to them, since in they were a one-hit wonder. With the power of the Internet, I was able to find that they were supposed to release a follow up album but due to difficulties, it was never released. I'm also sad to report that the band is no longer together, but here's hoping that they get back for a reunion album!

I was desperate to complete the song, but the chords weren't available on any website, so I emailed Adrian Loo...

Here's a link to their Geocities website:

I hope I get a reply!


lekowala said...

Hi Miru,
Got your "fan mail" :) On behalf of the band, thanks for remembering! yes we have an album that's unreleased. The real leader of the band Leon is now a yogi some where in the States, teaching some form of yoga, so it will be hard for him to indulge in such worldly things such as pop/folk music. Maybe when he comes back down to earth, the lizards will start to crawl on the walls again...

like the breeze
I was faster than
like the trees
I was stronger than
So please don't leave me behind
So please don't take my time
Em C G D
One day I'll go crazy
Em C G D
One day there'll be a great alarm
Em C G D
But it wouldn't matter to me
Em C G D
cos I'd be in the funny farm

God bless,

O Baterista said...

I remember that group. I was in the Philippines when I heard that song on the radio. In fact, I still have their album and managed to put it into my iPod. Kristine has the most beautiful voice.

Kevin said...

Yes! I still remember The Lizard's Convention. And Yes! - I've got the first album, and so sad about the second. The Lizards were really popular back then in the Philippines and not so in Singapore .

I saw your fan mail on the Seastars blog by Adrian Loo and Ivan Chew.

This is really great that after so many years, there are still fans of TLC out there. Wonder what really happened to Leon and Kristine.....

Sigh...feel so sad and nostalgic..

Miru Tamano Dianalan said...

glad to see that there are still a lot of Lizard fans! :-)

it seems like a lot of people are reminded of the mid-90's when they hear wooden heart! it could very well be the anthem of that time period!

Benjamin said...

Yeah Lizards' Convention.

I bought the CD from Tower I think and now they are giving them out for free. Songs still resonate with me. Good guitar and singing.

I would so buy a second album.

L x C x H x C said...

hello, i got link by ur blog after searching for Lizards Convention.
I dont know how to put this, but the singer, Kristine Oehlers, was my english teacher back in high skool back in 1998.

Yes to those who havent know, she went into teaching after her "pop stardom"...
The class called her Miss Oehlers....

And i didnt even realized that her band was more famous in your country than in singapore...

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Anonymous said...

Miss Oehlers aka the lead singer is actually going to be my Drama teacher next year. The Lizards Convention is actually not very well known in Singapore and i doubt many of the students in my school know that Miss Oehlers used to be a singer haha.

Anonymous said...

She is actually Mdm Oehlers now. Though we fondly refer to her as Mdm O (in our CCA)